Herminius Impact Investing Advisory brings together experts from financial investing, commercial due diligence, sustainability and international development to help independent and institutional impact investors identify, assess and manage opportunities for impact in emerging and underdeveloped markets.

We aim to contribute to better and more sustainable societies by:

 Increasing the flow of capital into impact investment by satisfying investors of the credibility of target investments

 Increasing the effectiveness of impact investments by helping investors to identify and scale-up successful approaches

Our Approach

Most impact investments currently have comparatively small deal sizes, and stakeholders want to maximise capital to the frontline and minimise overheads.

We therefore offer cost-efficient delivery designed to get to the heart of the problem at minimal time and expense, combining our proprietary, expert network with effective use of existing research and data, and deep knowledge of development approaches worldwide.

We are expert at conducting field research, especially in complex environments, and we draw on years of experience in designing and implementing economic, environmental and social development programmes around the world.

Our process

  1. Identify

      Work with you to understand your investment criteria and desired mix of financial and impact returns – what change do you want to make?

      Work with our network of associates in developing and under-developed markets to identify potential investment targets and increase your dealflow

      Support your analysis by providing you access to sector and geography-specific experts: direct conversations,  presentations and detailed research

  2. Assess

     Perform conventional due diligence and risk assessment on the business case, and individuals and institutions involved in your investments

     Help you understand and analyse the impact case and underlying theory of change:
    What economic, environmental or social issues are being addressed?

     Have the causes and effects of the problem been properly assessed?

     Will the proposed investment sustainably solve the underlying causes and mitigate the effects?

     Is this the best way to solve the problem?

  3. Manage

     Use innovative and cost-effective research methods to monitor and verify whether the desired impact is happening as planned, and is communicated effectively to all stakeholders?

     Analyse whether any under-performance is connected with flaws in the theory of change, or failures in execution? What can be done to solve the problems?

     Ex-post evaluations and learning

Areas we worked on in 2016

Our experience

We have a network of over 1800 associates around the world including expertise from a broad range of sectors including development, academia, impact measurement, finance, and many more. Examples of our impact team includes:

Peter Wilson

Peter combines experience in private sector business strategy and international development and is Managing Director of Herminius. He is a former COO of Coffey International Development, which specialises in designing, implementing and reviewing development programmes in complex environments. Peter is a successful impact investor and the co-author of Make Poverty Business, advocating private sector engagement in poverty alleviation.

Ally Bedford

Ally is a highly qualified Africa-focused sustainable development practitioner with over 30 years of experience helping a range of projects meet the various safeguards of international financial institutions. Ally identifies potential investment opportunities, undertakes due diligence, and monitors, verifies and evaluates impact objectives.

Craig Wilson

Craig is a highly experienced economist and strategist who has worked at the World Bank and IFC. He has advised on complex economic development projects in over 30 countries and served as CEO of The Foundation for Development Cooperation which seeks to achieve positive and equitable economic impact in the Asia Pacific.

Rohan Burdett

Rohan is an international development practitioner and legal adviser with extensive experience in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the South Pacific. He has 25 years’ experience as an adviser and thought leader in consulting, NGOs and diplomacy and has particular expertise in monitoring and evaluation, and in supporting communities and governments in the fields of good governance.

Ed Whitten

Ed advises on impact, resilience and risk at industrial facilities and development projects in emerging markets. He has a strong understanding of sustainability issues and experience of field research in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Ashley Craft

Ashley specialises in design and management of impact evaluations and monitoring systems for international development, private sector development, charity and social enterprise initiatives. He has experience in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asian countries, fragile and conflict-affected states, low and lower middle income countries

Professor Paul Jackson

Paul is a political economist and leading academic in the field of sustainable development based at the University of Birmingham, with extensive experience of assessing the effectiveness and value for money of international aid approaches. Paul is also Programme Leader at the British Academy’s Sustainable Development Programme and is currently an advisor to the Governance and Social Development Resource Centre which engages him in wide ranging policy discussion with donor agencies engaged in these activities, including various European Governments, the EU, the UN and the World Bank as well as the UK Government.

Gordon Peake

Gordon is an experienced research consultant and international development professional with over ten years of experience in the fields of governance, justice and community development, particularly in South East Asia. Gordon has extensive experience in research and analysis, monitoring and evaluation and program management, having worked with organisations such as The World Bank, AusAID and DFID. His practical, problem-solving approach is underpinned by academic qualifications in law, politics and international relations. Gordon’s book ‘Beloved Land: Stories Struggles and Secrets from Timor-Leste’​ won the 2014 ACT Book of the Year prize and the People’s Choice Award.

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